Treatment Benefits

It is strongly recommended that rehabilitation should start as soon as possible to help your pet’s recovery. It is good to start with certain preparations/exercises before surgery, which will ensure a speedy recovery after surgery.

Effects of Hydrotherapy

Immediate/short term effects

dog-paw Decrease pain perception

dog-paw Increased sensory perception

dog-paw Relaxation of muscle tension and/or muscle spasm

dog-paw Increased active range of motion

dog-paw Feeling of well being

dog-paw Support for weakened or spinal injury dogs

dog-paw Increased core stability

Long-term effects

dog-paw Increased joint range of movement

dog-paw Increased muscle strength

dog-paw Improved muscle patterning

dog-paw Prevention of secondary complications

dog-paw Improved cardiovascular fitness

dog-paw Decreased pain and inflammation

dog-paw Potentially earlier return to normal function

dog-paw Slowing of progression of degenerative disease processes

dog-paw Improved quality of life