Practice Guidelines

Please take note of the following guidelines below, before attending your Hydrotherapy session.

  • Please bring any veterinary reports or x-rays along
  • Please ensure that your pet has been de-wormed and received the necessary inoculations
  • Please ensure that your pet is always on a leash when entering the premises and practice
  • If you need to bring a 2nd pet along ALWAYS keep him/her on a leash
  • If your pet has any form of infection he/she will not be put into the pool or underwater treadmill to avoid the risk of infecting others or worsening the infection of the infected dog
  • Be sure that your pet has been fed 2 hours prior its therapy session, to ensure that it has enough time to take care of “potty-matters”
  • Notice of cancellation of a therapy session must be done 24 hours prior to the appointment, if a cancellation is made on the same day of the appointment, a cancellation fee will be payable, (80% of the session fee), if you cancel your appointment within 1 hour of the appointment then the full session fee will be payable
  • No pets are allowed in the pool without a life jacket unless arranged otherwise
  • No pets are allowed in the pool without permission and supervision
  • When attending a fitness or maintenance session, owners are welcome to join your pet in the pool (please arrange prior the session with the therapist)
  • Please bring a favorite toy or treat along,
  • In case of cold weather or the winter season please bring a jacket or blanket
  • Please maintain a speed limit of 40kmh when driving inside the complex.